Knowing how much is half the battle

How much sugar does your “health” bar contain? You would be surprised. And when you look at the nutrition label, what is 18g anyways? Well, that’s 4 1/2 sugar cubes. Quite a bit when you think about it.

We designed Hidden Sugar to help you visualize the sugar we all eat in processed foods. It’s not until you see it, that you realize how much sugar it really is.

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How do I get the Hidden Sugar app?

The Hidden Sugar app is available for Apple iOS, and is listed in the Apple App Store. An Andriod version will be coming soon.

Sugar. What's the big deal?

Too much sugar leads to unhealthy weight gain, which amongst other things can lead to type II diabetes.

What makes your app so special?

Context. We "translate" the sugar listed on nutritional labels into something we all instinctively understand. Sugar cubes. Not sure how much 24g of sugar is? That's six sugar cubes.

How does the app work?

Open the Hidden Sugar App, scan the bar code of a product, and see the amount of sugar listed on the nutrition label translated into sugar cubes. You can track your daily and monthly sugar as well.

Where does your data come from?

In the U.S the data is provided by NutritionIX.

Is there a cost?

Yes and no. The data we use to translate a bar code into a sugar cubes cost us money. In fact, we are charged for each scan. We provide five free scans for a 30-Day per thirty day period, after which unlimited scans for 30 days can be purchased for $0.99


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